What you see may not be reality

Reality you may not be able to see

The reality you see is the interpretation you have learnt

What you have not learnt to interpretate, you cannot see

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Hidden meanings

In my work I search for movement,
for a spiritual meaning.

My paintings are built up in various layers.
I often use mixed techniques to
get the depth and feeling I want in my paintings.
This gives my work an organic, vibrating , living and spatial effect
I use the dot, cell structures, colours and
whatever else comes to hand to get the results I want.

I am fascinated by the rhythms, movements, in and around me.
Bare branches against the sky, rock structures, the movement in
the way things relate to one and other.
Patterns, rhythms, repetitions in society, in nature and in us.
The hidden order in an ostensible chaos.

I am inspired by the opinion of the aboriginals
(the visible reality exists due to the grace of the spiritual world)